Monday, October 19, 2009

Roots of Limber Letters

Today's game will be geared for the older audiences.

Limber Letters are bagged tiles originally used in a game that my grandmother has marketed called Anagrabber.  It is a game geared toward ages 7 and up.  She has graciously given me a few boxes of letter tiles to market to other communties besides the ones that she targets (senior centers, mensa groups, etc.).  Anagrabber is a wonderful game and our family enjoys playing it.  I have copied the instructions below for Anagrabber, which you can play with Limber Letter tiles.  

Before having children I used these in my classroom and sold them to my co-teachers left and right!  There are a million ways to use them in the classroom!  Now that I am home I can find a million ways to use them with my pre-schoolers!  I think the funnest thing about them is making up games.  Even kids will come up with fun ways to use them.

Also, because there are 300 tiles in a bag, your options are greater.  Scrabble only has 98 tiles and Bananagrams has 144.  I would love to hear how you think you would use them!

How to play Anagrabber (R)*

Number of players: 2 to 8

Ages 7 to 97

Object of game: To make and keep 6 words during a round of play. Drawing lettered tiles from a bag 4 at a time, players make words and discard any letters they do not use. Discarded letters may be used by other players. A player may "anagrab" (or steal) another player's word by adding one or more letters and rearranging the stolen word to make a different word. Once a player wins a round with 6 words, he or she must make 7 words while other players need only 6 to win. With each win, another word is added to the "handicap" to a maximum of 10 words for experienced players. For a more detailed explanation, see the instruction booklet that comes with each Anagrabber(R) game.

In the picture above, the player has made the word "DINER" using the blank as an "E". The blank remains an "E" even when the word is Anagrabbed to make "DINNER"
The blank tile designated as an "E" can be replaced by a player who draws an "E"; then that player owns the blank, but the word "dinner" remains just as it was.

After the blank tile has been replaced,it becomes wild again. Its new owner is using it now as an "I" to Anagrab "went" and make "twine."
Anagrabbing the word "twine" to make "winter"
A player has made the word "ale" from letters drawn from the bag during his turn. To Anagrab it with an "S" a player would have to make "sale" rather than "ales"
You can't just add an "S" to the end of a word to steal it; that would be too easy. But you can rearrange the letters to make a new word, such as "sale" or "leas" (leas are meadows).
Or you could add two letters, such as the "S" and another "E" to Anagrab "ale" as "lease" or "easel". There is no limit to the number of letters that can be added to a word.


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Here is a link to a fun website that makes anagrams from whatever name you type in!

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