Monday, November 10, 2008

Welcome to the Sidewalk Zoo

Yet another activity with those darn animals. Hit up your local Ross or dollar store I tell ya! This time we made a zoo outside on the front walk. We made sidewalk chalk cages and I labeled them all as they told me what they wanted to place in them.

We even had a visitor take a little tour. He had a season pass....All the sea creatures were having a grand time together swimming and splashing in Blue Chalk Pond.
And then you tell the little zookeepers that they must gather food for the animals to eat (grass) and bring a little dish of water around so they can drink. And then you throw your zookeepers up in a tree and tell them to make funny sounds.......

VARIATIONS: stuffed animal zoo, draw pictures of animals and make a zoo, cut pictures out of magazines or old workbooks. If you need to stay indoors use masking tape on a hard-surfaced floor to make cages. It's a great activity to teach organizing and sorting. You could have older kids create the zoo and charge a nickel admission to the zoo, just to add an element of entrepreneur-ism to it.

COST: Well, the animals cost $2.00 a tube at Ross (Dress for Less)...... we have about 4 of them. And the sidewalk chalk.... that's cheap too.... We just have these things.