Thursday, August 23, 2007

I am still a teacher

Betcha didn't know that this book could potentially change your life. I had my husband pick one up for me at Alphabet Station while he was in Utah this summer. Hot commodity. I searched high and low on the Internet to find it and the only place I could find it was temporarily out of stock. It has to be the blue version by the way. Only the blue version will do.

After a two year hiatus I am returning to the classroom to teach. I am planning out units, activities, field trips and management techniques.

And the best thing about it?????
I have one student permanently enrolled.And he is a good boy.

And we can look for butterflies in the zinnia garden and go on a field trip to the ice cream store and we can read the same book over and over and make animal sounds as loud as we want because it is OUR school. And we can invite fun friends over to learn and we can go fun places and do fun things with them because it is really just the two of us.

And when little brother comes in October he can join our school too.

I was once a teacher
I am still a teacher.