Monday, November 10, 2008

Welcome to the Sidewalk Zoo

Yet another activity with those darn animals. Hit up your local Ross or dollar store I tell ya! This time we made a zoo outside on the front walk. We made sidewalk chalk cages and I labeled them all as they told me what they wanted to place in them.

We even had a visitor take a little tour. He had a season pass....All the sea creatures were having a grand time together swimming and splashing in Blue Chalk Pond.
And then you tell the little zookeepers that they must gather food for the animals to eat (grass) and bring a little dish of water around so they can drink. And then you throw your zookeepers up in a tree and tell them to make funny sounds.......

VARIATIONS: stuffed animal zoo, draw pictures of animals and make a zoo, cut pictures out of magazines or old workbooks. If you need to stay indoors use masking tape on a hard-surfaced floor to make cages. It's a great activity to teach organizing and sorting. You could have older kids create the zoo and charge a nickel admission to the zoo, just to add an element of entrepreneur-ism to it.

COST: Well, the animals cost $2.00 a tube at Ross (Dress for Less)...... we have about 4 of them. And the sidewalk chalk.... that's cheap too.... We just have these things.


Jess and Jason said...

Tiff, that was hilarious! They are all so cute. Was Dave home that day?!?! I didn't know that. I am sorry that you were stuck with extra kids when your husband was home.
Very fun, I think we definately need some of those animals, my kids love them

Packer Family said...

Hello, as to how I found your blog... I was looking for Ideas on Crafty Crow and I she had posted your googly eyed play doh activity so I went to see and and continued to check out the rest of it:) I'm thinking of starting a second blog as well about my adventures in trying to homeschool my 2, 1, and soon to be new born. I'll let you know if I do. Oh, p.s. I also noticed you were LDS, Me too:)

Packer Family said...

I just started a new blog and your blog was one that inspired me so I wanted you to check it out!

Mary Beth said...

Love love love this. Just clicked through from Crafty Crow. This is definitely going on our list. Thanks!

Playing by the book said...

Love this idea and have linked to it in my latest post, all about zoos, books and play: