Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mix - Fix

This is a really fun one to play to practice your spelling words.  My students would do this activity nearly every week in preparation for our Friday test.


2 or more players

All tiles are placed facing up in the middle of the playing surface (ground, table, blanket).

At this point you can do one of many things:
Hand each person a spelling list to choose words from (something that needs to be practiced)
Hand each person a list of random new vocabulary to choose from
Pick a category to make a word from
Pick a certain letter the word needs to start with
Pick a certain amount of letters the word needs to contain
Give no rules and let everyone do whatever word they want

Each person secretly chooses their tiles and puts them into their hands and shakes them around.

Pass your handful of letters to the person on your right.

At this point you can see who can set their mixed-up tiles down and unscramble the word the fastest and they get a point (if it is spelled correctly).  Or you can simply have the person spell the word out and wait for everyone else 9no scoring).  Or you can have each person write down the word the received on a paper secretly, then pass around the mixed up letters until the whole round is done and then read the words off to see if they are correct.

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