Thursday, October 22, 2009


2 or more players

This is a fun game that I made up while teaching.  Start with a 3 letter word like the above "big".  Pass it to the person to your right.  The next person can only change one letter and has to make a new word.  You can change the first, middle or last letter.  Then you set your new word down and pass it to the next person (kind of just slide it on the table to the next person).  You can't do the same word twice.  Sometimes it helps to have a scribe that is writing down words to make sure they are not repeated.

If a person is stumped, they get the letter P given to them.  Then that person starts over with a new 3 letter word.  You can also choose at this point if you want to allow the person to change it to a four letter word.  Or five letters.... That is up to the group and the age and the skill level.

So the game continues until a person ends up with a PIG and then is dismissed from the game.  When a person is dismissed the person to the right starts with a new word.

Words can be changed and anagrammed however a player wishes.  Basically, the letters can be mixed in any way as long as only one is changed.  For example:

Player1: HEAT
Player2: BEAT
Player3: TALE
Player4: LEAF
Player1: FALL
Player2: BALL
Player3: BALE
Player4: BLED
Player1: LEAD
Player2: DEAD
Player3: DATE
Player4: TAPE

You can also not implement the PIG part of it and dismiss players.  Another option could be to try as a group to set a record for number of times anagrammed...or just gather points for every time you create a word, keep track of points and the most points wins.  When you are stumped you don't get a point... Or if you create a word that stumps someone else you get an extra point.  You can change things however you wish to fit your group.  Have fun!


Miri said...

Oooh I can't wait to try this game with my little Emi, she will love it!

Anonymous said...
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