Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Egg bento toddler
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Am I the last one to hear about this craze? Bentos. Apparently a Japanese trend of creating fun artistic lunches. I guess it starts with a bento box which is compartmentalized. There are all kinds of accessories like molds that make your boiled eggs star - shaped and sauce dispensers and tiny cookie cutters to cut cheeses, meats, veggies and fruits, food dividers, fun toothpicks, paper and silicone food holders. There is a whole bento world out there to be discovered.

The picture on the right is of a lunch that a Dad made for his daughter for school. You can click on here to see daily pics of the bentos he makes for his daughter.

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Little Monkey Mama said...

For a minute there I was going to be so completely impressed that this was David's lunch that you sent him off with this morning. I was about to say, "How the heck did you have time, energy, patience and everything else to make something like that with a new little baby? I'm jealous."

My sweetie is lucky if he gets leftovers in a tupperware container and a clean spoon.

Likely said...

After forgetting to put a plastic utensil in his lunch a couple times I just sent a real spoon and fork with David to work and said, clean it off afterward and use these every day.

David takes leftovers too and sometimes a can of soup. Yesterday I noticed a can of tuna missing from a box my uncle sent us for Christmas (he sends everyone fancy tuna every year) and I asked David what he took for lunch. He said a can of tuna, the can opener and the Old Bay. That's it. I felt bad that I didn't get up to make him lunch or make it the night before, but I was bust with the baby.

We both had a laugh about his "kitty cat" lunch.

I think I will pack a smiley egg one day just to throw him for a loop. We should plan to do it on the same day and pack them both smiley eggs. :)

Likely said...

I probably was "BUST" with the baby - or at least he was probably BUSY AT my bust. ha ha. I hate when I write typos.

analilia said...

bentos are cute and fun but they can be too much work, especially when you have a baby to tend to. but i'm glad you liked the idea! maybe you'll post some pics if and when you try?! i'd like to see how they come out!

Likely said...

Yeah, I don't think I will get into it really, but I think it's such a fun idea for school lunches. My mom used to do fun things to our lunches like put notes IN my sandwich. I will never forget the day I bit into my pb&j and fount a pink note that said i love you.

I also like the idea of not using so many bags - sandwich bags and brown bags are so wasteful day after day. We go through them really fast around here.

Plus I really really like snacky food like crackers and cheeses and little nibbles so bentos seem right up my alley.