Monday, February 18, 2008

Kiddie Music

Sometimes, when you have children, you can't listen to whatever you want. Well, you can, but you become more conscious of it and you become hyper-aware of the feeling it creates in your home. Some music that I have in my library naturally lends itself toward little ears. We play a lot of classical music around here as well as folk. We also turn up dancy-tunes. Where I have come to find a lack in my library is in music specifically written for children.

A favorite right now is Renee and Jeremy, introduced to me by my friend, Molly. Here is a song I am loving right now. I don't mind the repetitiveness of it at all because I know how children love repetition. Sometimes I can just sing 'Jesus said Love Everyone" over and over until little lids get heavy.

Jesus said love everyone,
treat them kindly too
When your heart is filled with love
Others will love you.

I am also loving Elizabeth Mitchell, who sings in the group Ida (if you happen to know them - I doubt it though). She has recently released a few children's albums.

There are a few more children's music artists I enjoy, but maybe I will introduce them in another post. Link me up in the comment section if you know of anything great and equally kid and adult friendly.

It's great to get a collection of REAL music geared toward kids instead of barney-esque repetitive ditties.

And can I die over the artwork in this video:


Beckie said...

my 3 1/2 year old REALLY LOVES music
one of our favorites is a group called Milkshake our favorite song by them is Bottle of Sunshine
here is a link to their website - just in case you have not heard of them

Cher & Gene Klosner said...

Hi Likely :) I absolutely love your Kiddie Records Collection - one of my faves from back then is Grimms Fairy Tales by the Hanky Pank Players - they had all these silly endings to every story - not really true to the original stories, but hilarious! I listened to them when I was a kid, am=nd now my 7 year old loves them too :) Thanks for all the work that went into posting those over the years!
I am a musician - I heard "Peter and the Wolf" for the first time during naptime when I was in Kindergarten - it was my greatest influence!:)
You mentioned to post some music that is kid and adult friendly - I invite you to visit my website, if you are interested, - my brother and I just released a 2-disc lullaby collection called "Stardust" that just won a national iParenting Media Award - 2008 Best Products - Audio" - there are soundclips and games and stuff :)
Thanks again, for your great blog!
Cher Klosner Lane

Likely said...


Sorry to break it to you but I didn't put all of those records on that site! I found it when I was looking for an old childhood favorite of mine. I thought it was incredible!

I wonder how you found my blog.

I am going to check out your music!

Susan said...

I actually enjoy the children's CDs released by John Lithgow. They have a different vibe than Renee and Jeremy, but they are fun for the whole family and are well arranged/performed. (Some of them are funny/silly, too, as could be expected from John Lithgow.) My favorite CD is Singin' In the Bathtub. :-)

Becky, yep said...

Hi there, I just found your blog thru a friend that linked you!

Thanks for helping all of mother-kind!

Likely said...

you are welcome. I am so happy I could help. if you have any ideas of your own - let me know!

Carrie said...

We are HUGE Elizabeth Mitchell fans here (You Are My Little Bird is my fave). We especially love the album she made with Lisa Loeb (Catch the Moon). I too have a hard time listening to the majority of kid's music. I can handle Dan Zanes, TMBG and of course Elizabeth...but that's about it. We bought the Putumayo's Folk Playground CD last year and there are a few cool ones, especially Zoe Lewis' Sheep song. I hope you get more suggestions because I need more ideas.