Friday, November 16, 2007

A Perfect Fit

I'll admit, my shoes are not organized in the bottom of my closet. Maybe yours are. Either way, you can play a simple game with your toddler.Take out of your closet 6-8 different shoes. Hold up a shoe (say the color or style) and tell your toddler to find the other one and place them in a match on the floor.
Very simple but it is fun to watch them "hunt" for the right shoe.
Can you tell what shoes I love?

Cost: FREE


Staci said...

Sweet. I have some nice lime green and pink Saucony's. Love 'em. Nice idea. Maybe when we move and get a closet I can do that with the little man. ;) Right now most of my shoes are in a box somewhere in storage.

Tiffany said...

I feel for you! Not knowing where all of your loot is, is so frustrating.

Hip hip hooray for lime green and pink Sauconys.

meliss said...

this is such a great idea, i'm playing this with micahlyn tonight. you are awesome. thanks.

Anonymous said...
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