Friday, May 1, 2009

Tricky, tricky

You know how kids like to have a choice? Like to be in charge? If you are fighting with your kids about nap times, here is a funny suggestion.

My mom told me that when we were little and fighting her about naps she would ask us a simple question. "Do you want to take a long nap or a short nap? --- It's your choice!" she would say. If we complained and whined then we had to take the long nap. Of course we always wanted to take the short nap.

tricky mom.


sarah in the woods said...

That's a funny one. :)

kristen said...

hi there - I just wanted to tell you that our goodies from your awesome giveaway arrived last week. My daughter was literally jumping up and down when she saw the animals. They have joined the fairies in her fairy house. And we love the scented pencil so much, AND Harold just happens to be my son's favorite book character, so that was a major hit! Thank you so much!!

Christie Burnett said...

This is so true, as an early childhood teacher I was always telling parents to phrase a request as a choice - one choice to be the thing you wanted to happen and the other something completely undesireable. Works a wonder on preschool children!

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