Wednesday, April 29, 2009

3 Year Old Tour Guide

another child -led activity. It is amazing what creative and fun things can happen in a day if you allow your child to lead for a little bit.

We came home from running errands today and Max asked to sit in the driver's seat to "drive". At first I said "no, let's go." And then I said, why not? (Sometimes I really try to conciously think of why I say no to my children -- is it because I am lazy????)

So, up he went and I buckled him in. Oliver and I sat in the backseat. Max told us we were going on an adventure. He vroomed this way and that. I shouted out places to go. IKEA! Ma's house in California! The playground! Grandpa's house! Africa! A carnival! Once we were "there" we said hi to things we would see there and then we were off to the new place.

We did it for about 15 minutes or so. We could have done it longer except Oliver wanted to really go somewhere -- like outside and into the house. I thought that it would be really fun to do on a rainy day --- when you can't go much of anywhere and need a break from the monotony of the day. Jump in the car and go on an adventure -- with your three year old at the wheel. You could even bring props and fun things in with you -- get all dressed up to go out. Just a change of scenery. And boy do they like to be the one in charge!