Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Who knew Canadians were this cool?

I came across a website that was a list of online kids computer games. I will just start by saying that as a general rule, I do not like video/computer games. Ask any former student of mine.

Some, I would concur with them, are educational, but the majority (at least the ones that they play) are not. So, on this site Max and I messed around and I got him playing a few of them. I originally got on to find a game that would encourage his current love of letters. Well, we weeded through the muck and found a gem.

A Canadian site developed by a kids tv network called tvokids. Maybe you know about it, I didn't. The games are great, have cute artwork and are seriously so funny. Maybe I am a nerdy mom but this one makes me laugh out loud. I dare you not to laugh. I loved this one (the bird's voice is so cute - OH - DID YOU HEAR THAT???) and this one too. Max loved this one as well.

So I mention that it's Canadian because you will hear a couple Canadian-ish things, like zed, which is what they call the letter z apparently. Maybe my Canadian brother-in-law can clarify that for us -- what's up with zed? and you will also hear a bit of Canadian accent, like the word out sounding like oot. Cute little Canadians.

Have fun! Let me know if you find any other favorites!


Mom of 3 Boys said...

Have you checked out


Anonymous said...

I'm Canadian and I grew up with tvokids on TV! It's great.
And I'm shocked that you didn't know that Canadians called the letter z "zed" instead of "zee"!!!

Likely said...

I had heard that before but I guess I've always just wondered why... where did it originate. Do you know? Maybe I will google it. Does it have something to do with the French influence there?

I wish we had tvokids here - it looks like a great channel.

Bobbie said...

australians say Zed too... maybe it is an english thing??

Staci said...

I do like those games. I'll try the younger ones out with Isaiah. Isaiah really likes Dora and Diego, so sometimes we play the computer games on Nick Jr. together. Probably twice a week for half an hour each time- just started. I'm not big on video games either, although I loved playing them growing up. Ha! Andy's way against them, so not much will be happening in our house.
Thanks for your ideas- I've been compiling some fun things to do bc we're all stuck in the house without a car and it's COLD outside and the kids have been sick.

Anonymous said...

Just happen to find your site through Crafty Crow...you have some good ideas on here.
As for the Canadian thing....yes...it's British influence that has us saying "zed" for zee. Also we add a "u" to the words colour, harbour, flavour, favourite, and neighbour, etc. It's considered proper English by the English, and most commonwealth states, but one can certainly argue that point.
other sites: treehouse tv, pbskids.org?