Monday, August 18, 2008

Playing Olympics

Not only are the Olympics invading our bedtimes around here, but they are invading our play time too! We spent a morning last week "playing Olympics" with a couple neighborhood friends. We used hand-me-down army combat dudes as our athletes. Barbies could be used too, really any type of figure although plastic would be best for swimming I suppose.
They did gymnastic routines .

And they swam.

and then my memory card was filled up. The athletes ran races and did the long jump. We put on music for floor exercises. It was hilarious to watch these army-type dudes get all gymnastick-y.

We didn't do it, but diving would be fun. Synchronized diving would be even more fun with a friend. Make up a dive and practice it until you can do it perfectly.

Another thing to do it hold your own olympics with your REAL kids and the neighborhood kids. Assign countries, run races, put out a 2x4 "beam", if you have a pool you could run real swim races, you can do long jump, shot put, discus (frisbee).

the kids will love it. Even better would be to have them organize it all. Planning it is half the fun and older kids will really enjoy hosting a neighborhood event like this.


kate said...

i was referred to your blog today and i'm just so glad! thanks for all your wonderful ideas, my two and four year old girls will be so grateful! i hope you don't mind if i link to your site on my blog. many thanks!

Likely said...

You are welcome! I hope you can enjoy some good times with your girls. You are welcome to link whatever you want.