Sunday, June 1, 2008

Google-Eyed Play-Do

I have a jar of Google-y eyes. Packs of them are less than a dollar a the local craft store. They really do make the play-do creatures come to life. Schmeese had fun making funny faces and just sticking 20 eyes on one blob of play-do. He also had fun watching me make the creatures he would tell me to make and then he would be in charge of putting the eyes on.

I keep a very small container of the eyes IN the play-do bag so they are always on hand during play-do time.

COST: Less than $5 for play-do and eyes. Free if you already have them. You can make the play-do as well...
Variations: You could use large beads to add to your creations or sticks and such for arms and legs.


Susan said...

Hi again,
You are more than welcome to link to anything you like! (I should have asked you that, too! Sorry!)
Thanks for your comment!

Megan said...

We are so doing this!

Marie @ Make and Takes said...

What a perfect project for a rainy day like today!! Love those eyes.

Anonymous said...

Saw this linked from the Crafty Crow & did it with my charges today... great fun, thanks for the idea!

Amber said...

Just found you via CRAFTY CROW & the funny thing is that we just did this today when a little friend visited! Too much fun. We also had the cookie cutters out so it was a bit of a mixed exercise but next time I'd love to try your Elephant. Brilliant!

I look fwd to having a look at the rest of your site. Happy days :)

Anonymous said...

oh, boy, i am glad to have found you!

we do this in our preschool, too. i love it.

kristin said...

oh, anonymous is me : )

sara's art house said...

Cute idea!

featherbed said...

this is so fun! 2 things kids love, play doh and googly eyes!!!!

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