Wednesday, April 30, 2008

One Hand Two Hand Red Hand Blue Hand

name that tune:



da da da da
da da da da
da da da da da daaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Now, see if you guessed correctly:
Align Center

This activity is pretty self explanatory but here are a couple details:
  • The shirt is from good will. I cut off the sleeves and made a painting smock.
  • I just had him use a water color brush from a watercolor set.
  • Don't be afraid of painting on the windows, it washes off easily with warm water and a little dish soap.
  • Use washable tempera paints like the school kids use.
  • You could cover the floor if you wanted to, but my son isn't crazy messy, so I didn't. The drips wipe up easily.
  • Put very small amounts of paint on the paper plate palette. This prevents spills and encourages fun mixing. You can always add more, but it's hard to take away some once it's poured.
  • I didn't plan on Max using his hands at the end but he did and it was fun and the paint came off his hands MUCH MUCH easier that I thought.
  • Throw on your favorite classical music - it's a lot more fun.
COST: Under $5 dollars
Variations: Obviously older kids could paint something not as abstract. They could draw your family. Draw what they WISHED or IMAGINED they saw out your window. Encourage them to do seasonal art on your windows, or to write things like Happy Fourth of July or Happy Birthday. They could practice their spelling words on the window. How's that for homework? Toddlers could be given only the colors for that upcoming holiday - orange and black, pink and red, etc. to create an abstract holiday masterpiece.

So much fun.


Little Monkey Mama said...

Beethoven's 5th, right? I'm dying for the sheet music. Wanted it for about 10 years now. Never put forth the effort to actually find it though. Doesn't make much difference at the moment, me being piano-less and all... :)

Linda said...

max is so cute!! he looks like a little boy named Pierre in his smock...

Allison said...

Ah. Tempra paint. Doh! Why didn't I think of that? What a great idea. And the spelling words? Genius.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to let my kids do this today to decorate for winter.

Queen Shannon said...

I really like this idea! Especially the classical music. I can totally see my kids getting into it and painting to the beat. said...

That looks like so much fun! I want to come to your house and play!

Likely said...

RAchel - wish you could!

Queen Shannon - I happen to think that the music was half the fun. We have a great selection of classical. It would be fun to see artwork created from different genres though, wouldn't it?

Veronica Boulden said...

Love this idea. We have a huge window-8 by 15 foot- don't know I haven't thought of this yet. If we do it, I'll come back with links to our pics. Thanks!

Dayfamilyof4 said...

My kids are going to love this! Thanks for the idea and encouragement to brave the "messy" activity.

Dayfamilyof4 said...

My kids are going to love this! Thanks for the idea and encouragement to brave the "messy" activity.

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