Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Water is free, water is fun

Out comes a pitcher of water.
Out come the plastic measuring cups.Out comes a dishpan.
Out come the ice cubes.
Don't worry if you get thirsty because you have icy cold water.
And you can ask your mom to play with you because you have already been playing in the water all by yourself for over an hour.
The next day you can add neighborhood friends.
And paintbrushes.
And play "paint the deck".
We don't mind getting wet on
a hot September afternoon.
Do you?
**Be prepared to fill up water pitcher/dishpan/ice cubes at least a dozen times
variations: paint the sidewalk, paint the house, paint the front porch, measure water into different size cups, make ice cube soup, use ice cubes to scribble onto the hot pavement


Emily White said...

I love it Tiffany. You have the best links. I can't wait to explore them all. I would love to share ideas (supposing I have some that are worth sharing). Although, we do rely on Ms. Poppins (and others) around here from time to time.

Amy D. said...

Don't forget to add...paint the rocks and paint the brick. Two of my all time favorite activities when I was little. Can't wait to see more great ideas!