Thursday, September 27, 2007

Daily Masterpiece

Do you have markers?Do you have butcher paper?
I received an email when I was teaching in Provo about the Daily Herald ridding themselves of newsprint ends (the picture below), Call your local paper and ask about it.
I have also bought this.
On Monday, tear of a large piece of butcher/art/newsprint end paper and let your toddler go at it. The next day, use the same sheet again. Wednesday, the same.
**Hint to the wise: Markers are MUCH more fun to color with according to The Schmeese. When he is drawing with them I give him no more than 2 at a time and make him put on the lids right after he is done with those colors. Taking off and putting on the lids is half the fun. If your child struggles with the whole lid thing, encourage them and keep saying "you can do it" until they do. And oh how they love to finally "get it". If you let them just go for it with markers, crayons or whatever, you are asking for a MESS and you are also overstimulating your child.
I stood one marker on end and Schmeese was intrigued. At first he had a hard time learning how to make them balance, and then he spent 15 minutes balancing markers in a row. The key is to not let them give up and keep encouraging.
After lining them up, have your child touch the top of each marker gently as you count out loud or say the colors out loud.
Color practice:
Mommy: Schmeese, can you give me the
blue marker?Mommy: Schmeese, can you color on the red circle? (this didn't work so well the first time around, but we will keep working at it)Would marker time be complete without making marker wands?Who didn't do that as a child?
By the power of Grayskull!!!!!!!!!!
Hang up your art on a window or wall until the next day. Working on the same big piece of paper all week creates one large masterpiece, saves paper, and saves you the hassle of trying to scrounge around for more drawing paper all week. Below is four days worth of art time.
Be prepared for this when Daily Masterpiece time is over.
Variations: 1)Use different mediums/techniques each day: markers, crayons, colored pencils, stamps, stickers 2)place an eraser, a spoon, a matchbox car, or other small object on paper and have them color around each object on the paper. 3)Draw lines together on the paper and have your child follow the lines with a small car or doll. 4)Draw circles and have your child put objects in each circle (a piece of macaroni, a cheerio, a coin - be sure they are of age to not put it in their mouth though).
**Older children can work on a mural all week long, adding scenery and characters daily - Fairy land, pirate ship, battle scene, princess castle. There is such novelty and potential in that huge piece of paper.... let them go with it!

Other ideas for daily masterpiece time?


Amy D. said...

Seriously loving you right now. Olivia has recently decided naps are no longer for her and "quiet time" just does not last long enough. The days have seemed to drag and I cannot wait to try out some new ideas. Thanks Tiff!

Tiffany said...

That is exactly why I started to do this Amy. When you are home all day things start to drag (Or even sometimes when you are NOT home all day!). But not if you have a plan!!! I am so happy I can help. I have so many more ideas. Keep checking back. I am loving this blog already because I get to put my creativity and teaching to good use!

And PLEASE share any wonderful ideas that have worked for you. Email me at tiffanyrueckert(at)hotmail(dot)com

Linda said...

I love this Tiffany. I'm so glad you're doing this!