Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Stuffed Bad Guys

Do you think this little fella looks like a bad guy???
Mothers of boys, why does everything in the house turn into a gun, sword or some sort of fighting something? We don't own a fake gun, fake sword, fake bow and arrow, but we have PLENTY of them around if you know what I mean.  Believe me when I say you don't need to buy them.  You have a dozen of them in your home already.

The boys are really into good guys and bad guys around here.  I guess Max is mostly, he's 4 , and little Oliver just goes around saying "Bad-eyes -- Bad-eyes" and doesn't know what he is talking about.  He is, in fact, usually the "bad guy" and doesn't know it and gets pummeled, or sworded or tackled by the good guy Max and doesn't even know what has happened.

Today they both had plastic clothes hanger "bows" and colored pencil "arrows" and were chasing each other around.  Max would pretend to shoot, but it didn't really work, so he would pretend shoot it and then just throw the pencil at Oliver. This was all Max's "brate idea" as he calls it.

Well, it's all in fun, but this mama doesn't want her 2 year old with a pencil where it shouldn't be. Not a good habit to let your older child throw things at the younger one. So.......

I thought up something I am sure you have thought of, but I just came up with it today.

Stuffed animal bad guys.

A sheep, a cow, a frog and a puppy.

The good guy pretends he is sleeping and then as he is, I hide the "bad guys".  When I am ready I yell, "Oh NOOOO!!!! the bad guys are loose again! Help me Maaaxxxx!!! " And then he gets his hanger and colored pencil and finds the sheep in the bathtub, arrows him and puts him in "jail" on the bed, finds the puppy on mommy's pillow, finds the frog in daddy's closet, and finds the cow in the hamper, takes them all to jail.

Once they are all in jail, the good guy can sleep again.  But then, OH NO!!! The bad guys get out again!!!! HHHHEEEEEEELLLLPPPP!!!!!

Rise and repeat.

Cost: FREE
Variations:  Your child can be a farmer and the animals get loose while he sleeps and the farmer has to catch them and put them back into their pen ( if you are not into the whole bad guys good guys hanger and colored pencil thing).

hooray!  have fun!


Mama Ruck said...

Hee Hee, I love that you have a variation just in case someone is not into the 'hanger and colored pencil thing'. Rest assured girls do power play also. It is just cuter and less noticable.
P.S. Caterpillar is in production!

Crystal said...

Random question. I'm starting my Christmas list and have plenty of ideas for my 3 year old but am not sure what to get my 15 month old(will be at christmas. I'd like to get learning toys, books, etc. Any ideas? crystalboom at hotmail dot com

Megan said...

That's awesome. Boys are hilarious. Being girls, I guess, my daughters don't do the sword thing but they're constantly telling me, "OK, you be the teenager ... OK, you be the doggie ..." Sometimes Mama needs a break! I am definitely going to put the stuffed animals on duty--starting tomorrow!

Michelle said...

As the mom of 4 boys I know what you mean!! What a GREAT idea!! We tried it and my 8 and 4 yr old absolutely LOVED it and played Bad Guys all day Sunday!! Their 11 yr old brothers, Dad & I would join in periodically throughout the day, but they didn't really need us. Thanks for the idea!!!

Likely said...

Crystal -- did you ever get my email?