Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Watering Hole

Even your youngest can have sink time. Create a safe "playpen" by backing up three chairs around them and give them a small cup and a trickle of water. The minutes will tick by (I got about 20) as you prepare dinner or get some kitchen chores done. I think my sweet Oliver must have drank 27 little cupfuls of water that afternoon. He was soaked head to toe. smiling and laughing, but soaked still the same ---- with the fullest diaper on him that evening I had seen in months. You know, the water balloon kind that weigh 10 pounds.

grand fun.

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Alycia in Va. said...

I love the chair pen....much cheaper than buying one of those learning towers! Looks like he had a great time exploring the water.

Katie said...

This is so funny Tiffany - I did this exact thing today. But I didn't do the 3 chair thing and I REALLY needed to. Thanks so much for the tip.

Spanish school in Spain said...

The thing which you said is very funny and three chair concept is so good.

Wade said...

Great idea - my kids have always been independent climber types and I wish I'd thought of this when they were younger.

I'd like to suggest a link? How do I do that ?